2012 Southern China International Car Tuning Expo

2011CTE the largest in southern China, authoritative and professional one of the Auto Salon
1.open South China exhibition unique vehicle modification precedent, leading to a modified car dealer completed, the world's best blend of modified cars
2.total of 65 exhibitors, 8,000 square meters, rich colorful activities, domestic and international audience of over 10,689 people, a huge response
3.by the media coverage race, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, TVS, and Guangzhou traffic radio etc to live interviews, and unrivaled network and other online media have also been reported in real time
4.participating exhibitors brand publicity outstanding, well-known business A-spec modified to be very high marks, etc.
5.visitors blown away by the promotion of top-notch multi-dimensional, power industry, businesses

Racing modified: senior sports car racing and modification of pure athletic, racing supplies
Car modification: the appearance of an ordinary car, performance, practicality modified
Conversion kits and parts: the appearance and interior products, instruments; intake and exhaust systems and accessories; conversion lamps, HID; electronic systems; tires and wheels; pressurization system and engine modifications; Suspension type; brake class; oil, etc.
Audio conversion: the model of the brand of car audio conversion feast