6th Guangzhou International Luxury Exhibition

Art exhibition of top international fashion:
Exhibit Content: top sports car, car, boat, aircraft, club, clubs, banks, tourism, hotel, home, apparel, bags and leather goods, jewelry, clocks, glasses, cosmetics, audio-visual entertainment, wine, cigars and so on.

Luxury Pavilion Chinese elements
Exhibit Content: antiques, collectibles, jewelry, jade, ceramics, silk, tea, tobacco, mahogany furniture, folk art, Ambassador gifts.

Audience Organization:
(1) Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs, members of the Association;
(2) luxury car owners: the top brand sports car, luxury car owners;
(3) the top property owners: villas, luxury real estate owners;
(4) Club and Hotel: top golf club, yacht clubs, private clubs, five-star hotel VIP customers;
(5) designer boutiques: top shopping malls and luxury goods stores VIP customers;
(6) as well as foreign embassies, consulates and foreign government agencies and companies in Guangzhou agencies;
(7) This year, exhibitors luxury VIP customers;
(8) VIP customers of financial institutions;
(9) China's luxury goods industry practitioners;