About China Green Food Exposition 2012 Guangzhou

China Green Food Development Center

China Green Food Development Center, China, founded in 1992, is a specialized agency responsible for national development and management of Green Food in supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). It has merged with the Green Food Management Office of MOA. Headquarter in Beijing includes general office and divisions of logo management, authentication, sci-tech and standard, planning and finance and international cooperation etc.. Nationwide, 42 provincial and municipal branch agencies have been set up. In addition, 38 quality inspection stations and 71 environmental monitoring branches have been appointed with authorization from the headquarter.

The major functions of China Green Food Development Center include, under consignment of MOA,
1) Generation of policy, regulation, and strategic plan,
2) Creation and implementation of standard,
3) Authentication based on the standards,
4) Quality control of Green Food based on “Law of Agro-Product Quality and Safety”,
5) Management of logo and trademark based on “Trademark Law of The People’s Republic of China”,
6) Organizing various activities related to Green Food, such as research, demonstration, technical extension, training, education and international exchange and cooperation etc,
7) Providing guidance to the provincial and municipal branches, and
8) Coordinating the operation of quality inspection stations and environmental monitoring branches.

The Concept of Green Food

Green Food stands edible produce and processed products produced in sustainable environment and technical standards with whole-some quality control, non-pollution, safety, quality and special logo.

Under strict supervision, control and regulation in production, processing, packing, storage and transportation, Green Food adopts the whole-some quality control from field to table, while it requires reasonable applications of inputs, including pesticide, fertilizer, veterinary drug and additive etc. to prevent any pollution of toxic and harmful matters to produce and links in food processing so as to ensure environmental and product safety.

The standard of Green Food is prepared on the basis of CAC’s standard and with reference to those of the developed countries, and reaches the corresponding international standards in general.

The logo of Green Food is quality certificate trademark registered by China Green Food Development Center in Trademark Bureau of National Industry and Trade Administration, to embody the concept of the pollution free, quality and safety characters of Green Food. The elements include: the logo graph of Green Food, ‘Green Food’ in Chinese and in English, the combinations of Chinese, English version and the graph.