the best way to Yiwu

the best way from Guangzhou to Yiwu

Yiwu and Guangzhou are two inportant commercial cities.It is really convenient from Guangzhou to Yiwu, either by air or train or take a   coach.

By plane:
Usually there are three flights each at 07:50, 10:25,13:10,15:45 and 29:35. It takes around 2 hours.

buy train:

4 trains from Guangzhou to Yiwu as below:

Train No.    

Dep Station-Arr Station  

Dep Time-Arr Time  





13:58 - 05:39


Hard seat 179 hard sleeper with lower berth 327



08:02 - 01:01


Hard seat 179 hard sleeper with lower berth 327



15:08 - 08:39


Hard seat 179 hard sleeper with lower berth 327



08:57 - 02:06


Hard seat 179 hard sleeper with lower berth 327

the best way from Shanghai to Yiwu

By taxi:

If you're 3+ persons travelling together, or you just hate transfers, the easiest way would be getting someone to pick you up from           Shanghai Pudong Airport, then a 4 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly.
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By train:

I highly suggest: take a Shanghai to Yiwu fast train come to Yiwu without stopping at Shanghai, IF you arrive time is right. Otherwise,     you'll need to stay in Shanghai for one night before coming to Yiwu.
All Shanghai to Yiwu bullet trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao train station.

1. From Pudong airport to Yiwu:

Bullet trains are much faster. It takes about 2 - 2.5 hrs. Below is the time table for bullet trains start from Shanghai Hongqiao train station to Yiwu:
D5651   6:43 9:14     lasts 2:31:00

D5689   6:51 9:21     lasts 2:30:00

D97       7:45 10:04   lasts 2:19:00

D5661   8:46 11:21   lasts 2:35:00

D105     9:08 11:12   lasts 2:04:00

D5677  11:22 13:38  lasts 2:16:00

D5663  14:28 17:04  lasts 2:36:00

D93      14:50 17:22  lasts 2:32:00

D5653  15:22 18:10  lasts 2:48:00

D635    19:05 21:06  lasts 2:01:00

D633    21:07 23:36  lasts 2:29:00

* If you're arriving in in right time, going to Shanghai Hongqiao train station from Pudong airport is actually pretty easy. You just need to   take metro line 2.
Line 2(Pudong International Airport to East Xujing),60km in length, including 31 stations, is a west-east directional metro line connecting two sides of HuangPu River, and crossing the downtown area.
The total journey lasts about 80 mins. You'll need to transfer from a shorter train to a longer train at Guanglan Road metro station.

2 .From Other Places of Shanghai to Yiwu:

If you're at other places in Shanghai, just manage to get to Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station, and then jump onto the train to Yiwu.
It's easy, your hotel front desk can help you with a taxi and buying train tickets for you in advance.
P.S. Better get someone to buy the tickets one day in advance, because some of the fast train tickets can be sold out by the time you     get to train station. Esp. weekends and holiday time.
By bus

If you do not like the on-and-offs, you can have another option: Take a non-stop bus from Pudong Airport to Yiwu.
There are two buses departure from Pudong Airport for Yiwu. One at 11:30, the other at 17:10(GMT+08:00). You can buy the ticks(180.00 CNY/adult) right inside the airport. Please confirm this with the airport service staff first and ask for any help.
If the Pudong Airport buses time is not right for you, you can go to other long distance bus stations in Shanghai like: Tai Ping Yang (The Pacific) Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station, Shanghai Long Distance Bus Station... more than 50 buses leaving from Shanghai to Yiwu each day.
the best way from Hangzhou to Yiwu

By fast speed train
1)Following are the departing times of the high speed trains from Hangzhou Railway Station to Yiwu
D193 East Station departing time: 03:50 arriving time: 04:36
D685 East Station departing time: 08:47 arriving time: 09:40
D191 East Station departing time: 10:54 arriving time: 11:40
D95 departing time: 12:37 arriving time: 13:25
D665 departing time: 14:37 arriving time: 15:25

The fast speed train from Hangzhou to Yiwu can't be reserved so you have to buy it when you reach the railway station. Usually, there is no need to book it in advance since you could get the ticket directly from the ticket window.

By bus:
There are buses from 07:00 to 19:10 every 15 minutes from Hangzhou South Bus Station to Yiwu Binwang Passenger Transport              Center.

By taxi:
We could arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Yiwu and the fee is RMB 800.

the best way from Hongkong to yiwu

rom HongKong airport, you may first take the A21 bus right outside the airport to the Hong Kan railway station ( around one hour), then you may take the train to the Guangzhou east railway station( around two hours), and at last you may take a taxi to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

Usually there are three flights each at 09:30, 11:40, and 21:40 from Gangzhou Baiyun Airport to Yiwu. It takes around 2 hours. 

 From hongkong to yiwu have direct flight on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday, time is 17:40.

the best way from Hangzhou airport to Yiwu

For your reference, following is our advices according to your different schedule in different period£º 

 1 . 09:30-21:00(GMT+08:00), we suggest you to take the airport shuttle bus (RMB60, 100min). Below is the timetable :  10:20, 11:00,     11:40, 12:20, 13:00, 13:40, 14:20, 15:00, 15:40, 16:20, 17:00, 17:40, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30.( 40mins/ shift) 

 2 .During the other time, you can take a taxi (50min, around 100RMB) to Hangzhou train station (or Hangzhou east train station,             according to your time), then take the train.

Or you can also share a taxi (about RMB100) to Yiwu with others, if that's a right time. I mean there is a taxi goes to Yiwu, And there are other people share a taxi with you.So try to arrive at Hangzhou airport between 09:30-21:00(GMT+08:00) if possible.

If you have anything unclear, you can contact us freely. We will try our best to help you and pick you up.