Yiwu Industrial Design Center ranks top 5 industrial design bases in the provinc

The day before, the 16 Zhejiang provincial characteristic industrial design demonstration base for the construction of the evaluation results released. Agglomeration, from the base of design resource base design service capacity, operation status, base to carry out the work of comprehensive score, 2016 Yiwu Industrial Design Center ranked fifth in the province, and realize the upgrade, successfully promoted by the third echelon for the second echelon, to become the only one among the top five ranks of the industrial design base of county-level city base.
In 2016, Yiwu industrial design center to accelerate the improvement of the whole industry chain service platform design, outstanding play wave crest, Ding Dian, newplan, Trojans and other outstanding enterprises organization design service capabilities, has won the 2016 German IF award, 2016 China Design Red Star Award and in 2016 the first batch of provincial SME awards.
Yiwu industrial design center and actively explore to build channels of cooperation with Yiwu enterprises and Industry Association annual design docking activities 12 field, 6 field training activities; carry out cooperation with the East China Institute of technology, Guangxi University and other institutions, the establishment of the Yiwu innovation training base, training a total of 408 innovative talents, has become the innovation incubator platform to design industrial design first, convergence of graphic design, brand planning, business operations and other fields.