Yiwu City, Futian Street try to become the "commodity" Vanguard

"The core area of Futian street as a" world commodity city ", the Yiwu municipal government requirements to become the vanguard Futian Street building the world 'commodity', the next will go all out, roll up your sleeves and go, trouser runs dry, dry dry dry pick grab lamp, work hard to work in." stem "in the study and implementation of" dry ", and" three brave army "". The day before, Yiwu Futian Street Party committee secretary Wang Junqing said in an interview with reporters.
Yiwu construction of the world's "small commodity capital", the core in the market. To vigorously implement the "strong nuclear strategy, enhance the advantage of business development, to further strengthen the strategic docking with the International Trade City, to foster the formation of external market service system, boosting the optimization and upgrading of the market, and strive to build the market outside the" new shopping experience center "," fashion sample release center, construction of commercial development value of high quality and depression high efficiency, good faith and fair. Two to adhere to the development of production integration of the city, Futian district planning characteristics, should focus on big projects, big platform, big traffic planning peripheral development space, to work in the "business city +" and "+ financial business district", "city of the future," four + "Zhejiang hospital +" and so on, constantly optimize the extension service, extension of industry, promote the production and life of service industry and tourism in the surrounding layout, and gradually form the market district, CBD District, Xialuozhai business district, Heye Tang Chong district characteristics and other characteristics of economic circle, circle of life, realize the city and industry development between the mutual promotion and common prosperity, the city fusion to a new level.