Yiwu City, Beiyuan street carry out special fire safety regulation

The day before, Yiwu City Beiyuan Beiyuan street, city fire brigade police station invited experts to guide, Beiyuan street more crowded places for the depth of fire safety inspection.
Yiwu City, Beiyuan street community, the work piece based on their own, the rapid mobilization of the respective jurisdiction of the steam room and other crowded places to carry out special inspections focus on checking whether the premises approved by the fire safety evacuation channel is smooth, etc.. At the same time, the staff on-site publicity fire safety precautions, and require the business premises should be timely to carry out maintenance of electrical lines and other measures.
Inspection found that these sites exist in the kitchen and operating areas are not separated, no business license and so on. Check the total steam room 102, of which 70 fire without permission or registration, there are 6 major hidden dangers. The streets will be strict, serious unqualified steam room to take direct measures to shut down there are significant security risks of steam room.