Foreign builders make suggestions for the development of Yiwu City

Yesterday morning, the fifteen National People's Congress meeting invitation to participate in the "foreign builders in NPC and CPPCC" gathered about the development of Yiwu City. Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Wang Xinfeng attended the forum, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress Ding Dingxing presided over the meeting. Participate in the discussion of foreign builders, mostly in Yiwu entrepreneurship, business, work and life for many years, Yiwu as the second home, for Yiwu's economic and social development has made a contribution. Yiwu Ningbo chamber of Commerce President Zhou Jianqiang suggested that in the chamber of Commerce and association platform play a role at the same time, I hope the government can give the chamber of Commerce and association members more charging learning opportunities, to improve the comprehensive quality and management ability. At present, Yiwu has more than 50 chambers of Commerce, various industry associations more than 60, they play in self service role at the same time, the members will undertake more timely voice conveyed to the relevant functional departments of the government's role.
Wu Yao, President of the Huizhou chamber of Commerce in Yiwu, has been engaged in private education for many years in Yiwu. He suggested that the relevant departments to strengthen coordination, strict control, standardize the private education market environment.
Foreign builders on behalf of Gao Hongwei from their work in the perspective of the proposed government to strengthen the "two chain" control, and do a good job in the chain of industrial enterprises to help, solve the financing difficulties of industrial enterprises.