Smart electricity inserted technology wings for Yiwu city safty

Recently, Yiwu Beiyuan street smart electricity monitoring center to monitor an enterprise's electrical wiring situation is unusual, immediately send text messages to remind the enterprise responsible person, as well as safety supervision, electricians Association and other related personnel. Street Electrician Association immediately organized personnel to carry out maintenance, to avoid a safety accident.
In recent years, Yiwu City has continued to vigorously carry out the special rectification of power consumption safety, and the hidden danger of power safety accidents has been greatly reduced, and the safety level of power consumption for enterprises has been markedly improved. However, the power safety problems still exist in varying degrees, and there are still blind spots in the safety control of power consumption. The use of intelligent power system effectively solves the problems of enterprise safety power consumption management and the hidden dangers caused by power consumption. According to statistics, as of now, Yiwu related units and enterprises have installed more than 1800 sets of smart power systems.