Yiwu City, National standard container vehicle high speed toll down recently

Reporters from the Yiwu municipal highway management department, March 1st, in the province within the scope of the international standard container transportation of highway toll down, according to Yiwu customs statistics and Yiwu port data show that can benefit the city each year amounted to more than 50 TEUs exit.
The specified 10 toll stations, respectively, Linjiang, Ningbo City Highway Toll Station Kaohsiung; Yongtaiwen highway toll station in Beilun; in Xiapu, Chai Ling Feng highway, bridge, white mountain peak, port toll station; Zhoushan Jintang Bridge toll station, Li gang. The provincial border toll station for Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Zhejiang and Shanghai high-speed mainline toll station, Quzhou kiln charge station, Ningbo Taiwan high-speed Fenshuiguan toll station 15.
Reporters learned from Yong Jin high-speed Yiwu East charges, the average daily container traffic volume of more than 500 vehicles, of which 50% of the container vehicle for Beilun station, through the Ningbo high-speed to Yiwu dry port. The policy adjustment, with a 4 axis container vehicles loaded with a 40 foot box and out of the port of Beilun, take the shortest path to the East Yiwu toll station as an example, the following changes: charging policy adjustment before the legal device of vehicle tolls is 200 yuan, 175 yuan after adjustment (non provincial border toll station to the specified charges the station is less than 100 km mileage, according to the basic rate of 70%, greater than or equal to 100 kilometers according to the basic rate of 60%, saving 25 yuan execution).