Yiwu city carry out a written examination of labor security

From March 1st onwards, Yiwu city's employers in 2016 annual labor security written examination work officially launched. The relevant employers of the whole municipality must submit written examination materials in accordance with the requirements, conceal the facts, issue false evidence or conceal or destroy the evidence, and shall be ordered by the relevant departments to make corrections and be given administrative penalties.
It is understood that the scope of application of the written examination of the labor security of the employing units includes the enterprises within the administrative area of the municipality, individual industrial and commercial households and non - Government Non - enterprise units. This review by field visits to review the way, according to the arrangement, before July 30th, the labor supervision team and town street insurance related staff will take the initiative to come to zero distance service. For minor violations found in the review of the employer, the labor security supervision proposal "and issued" reminder ", urging employers to timely rectification; the existence of serious violations, take effective measures to resolve, and a written report to relevant department.
At the same time, according to the mastery of the written review process for enterprises to comply with labor protection laws and regulations, related information statistics and labor protection law-abiding integrity rating, the evaluation results will be included in the enterprise labor protection law abiding integrity records kept for at least 3 years. The lower level of assessment in the written review of the enterprise, the relevant departments will appropriately increase the labor security supervision, daily visits, inspection frequency, the implementation of key monitoring.